Hard Drives Internal  -  Solid State - Price - R4000.00 - R5000.00

Adata nGff/m.2 512 SX8000-NVMe

  Type: Solid State
  Capacity: 512GB
ADATA ASX8000NP-512GM-C 512Gb SX8000 series - NGFF ( M.2 ) 3D MLC SSD with NVMe PCIe (Gen3.0) x4 mod ...
R 4,064.00

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Corsair 2.5 480Gb NeutronGtx

  Type: Solid State
  Capacity: 480GB
Corsair CSSD-N480GBGTX-BK / CSSD-N480GBGTXB-BK 480Gb Neutron Gtx series 2.5" SATA6G SSD, 7mm slim, w ...
R 4,625.00

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Corsair nGff/m.2 480MP500 NVMe

  Type: Solid State
  Capacity: 480GB
Corsair CSSD-F480GBMP500 480Gb force MP500 series NGFF(M.2) MLC SSD with NVMe PCIe (Gen3.0) x4 mode ...
R 4,768.00

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Kingston Msata 480Gb - ms200

  Type: Solid State
  Capacity: 480GB
Kingston sMS200S3/480G mSATA SSD, 25nm, 480Gb, for mSATA mobile device/ultrabook or SRT mb with mSAT ...
R 4,296.00

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Kinston suv400s37/960 UV400

  Type: Solid State
  Capacity: 960GB
Kingston SUV400S37/960G UV400 SSD , TLC Solid-State Drive , 2.5" 960Gb , SATA6G , Marvell 88SS1074 c ...
R 4,849.00

In stock:  

Samsung Msata 500Gb 850 Evo

  Type: Solid State
  Capacity: 500GB
Samsung MZ-M5E500BW 500Gb 850 Evo series mSATA SSD , for mSATA mobile device/ultrabook or SRT mb wit ...
R 4,521.00

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