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Samsung 40j5000 40" fhd tv

  Device type: TV
Samsung ua40j5000 40" LED TV with tuner , clear motion plus 60hz , 2 x 10w SRS TruSurround XT speake ...
R 5,864.00

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Samsung 48jU6600 48" UHD Curve

  Device type: TV
Samsung ua48jU6600 48" Curved 4K UHD LED TV + Multi-Link Screen (Dual), with UHD Dimming + Quadmatic ...
R 10,464.00

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Gear VR Lite

  Device type: Virtual reality glasses
R 1,107.00

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Samsung ua32J4003 32"

  Device type: TV
Samsung ua32J4003 32" LED TV with tuner , auto motion plus 100hz , 1080i digital HD , 2 x 5w SRS Tru ...
R 3,482.00

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Samsung ua40j5200 40" fhd

  Device type: TV
Samsung ua40j5200 40" LED Smart TV with tuner , wireless network ready + EPG , clear motion plus 100 ...
R 6,229.00

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Samsung ua43kU7000 43" Uhd

  Device type: TV
Samsung ua43kU7000 43" UHD Smart Interaction Slim LED TV - with bi-directional TV-Mobile Mirroring + ...
R 7,877.00

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Samsung ua46f6100 fhd+3D

  Device type: TV
Samsung ua46f6100 46" 3D LED TV with tuner + EPG , Advanced Active Blue Tooth Shutter , clear motion ...
R 8,559.00

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Samsung ua48H6800 fhd Curve+3d

  Device type: TV
Samsung ua48h6800 48" Curved 3D - Smart Interaction LED TV with voice/motion control , with Micro Di ...
R 12,404.00

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samsung ua49k6500 fhd Curved

  Device type: TV
Samsung ua49K6500 49" Curved LED TV - with screen+sound capture (onto usb storage attached) + auto d ...
R 9,710.00

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Samsung ua49kU7350 Uhd Curve

  Device type: TV
Samsung ua49kU7350 49" UHD Curved slim LED TV - with screen+sound capture (onto usb storage attached ...
R 12,007.00

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Samsung ua50kU7000 50" Uhd

  Device type: TV
Samsung ua50kU7000 50" UHD Smart Interaction Slim LED TV - with bi-directional TV-Mobile Mirroring + ...
R 10,764.00

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